An Alright Change – Weds 18th May 2016

By | May 18, 2016

Today’s happenings were all sorted, as with any changes for the children, we need to think ahead, let them know and then remind and remind, especially for D as she forgets very easily.

Yes, I was heading off to the train station for a hair appointment.  I wouldn’t be back for school hometime so Hubbie was picking up T and D.
All was fine until I got to the station, having missed calls from Hubbie, who’d heard on the radio that there were no trains due to a fire on an engine on the line.  

Therefore there was no way I’d get to my appointment. 

Disappointing but these things happen.  

D wasn’t expecting to see me at hometime, I wasn’t sure how she’d take the change from what she was expecting but she was delighted!

It’s not all been hearts and flowers though, there have been a few moments at home.


Two days to go and at least I picked up her birthday cake today. 

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