Us time – Mon 11th April 2016

By | April 11, 2016

The children went back to school today, in the rain.  T off to get the coach to start the last term of year 8 (gulp, where has that time gone?) and D almost skipping back into her SN school, her friendship bracelet firmly on her wrist.

She was so eager to get up to class that she forgot to say goodbye to Hubbie, but he did get a “bye dad” from the top of the stairs.  It’s part of her daily routine that she has a hug at the bottom and then she’ll turn and wave and say “bye” before she heads along to class.

So, what did we do? We went out for a birthday lunch to, yes, somewhere we’ve been before but, if you get to go out as a twosome as seldomly as we do, you want to make sure you enjoy the experience, don’t you?

And we did.  

It was busy and noisy, which would have created sensory issues if T and D had been with us (if we’d managed to get them through the door, that is) but we enjoyed it.  

Another customer had ordered a “fragrant” curry, which would have tested out little nostrils had they been there.  

There weren’t any worries that food wasn’t on its usual places, or that it “looked/smelt different” and therefore refusals to try it, even though it may have tasted fine to anyone else.

As we were just us two, we could take our time and savour the food without the “when are we going? what’s the time? I want to go home, it’s too noisy/crowded/smelly/scary here”

It was nice.  Of course we talked about the children and how they’re doing, we also laughed at silly little things that only we can laugh at.

And our two had a good day.  D was full of enthusiasm about not only her day today, but also what she’ll be doing tomorrow.  T had an evening game tonight and his team won (yay!) so smiles all round and happy bellies.

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