This week’s #WOTW and #R2BC

By | April 14, 2016

Voluntary work can be a strange old experience, there are such a mixture of personalities and mindsets involved.  I enjoy what I do (director of communications and events) and I guess my previous PA skills come in very handy with regard to organising myself and getting things done.

However…. as I said, there can be a mix of people, people with the best will in the world and the genuine desire to help out, but real life gets in the way.

My word for this week is:

I’ve spent part of yesterday and much of today doing a task that someone else had been tasked with last November.  I got the “it will be done by…”, then several “it’s about a week away…” then “I know you’re getting pressure about this, but…”.

It’s tricky isn’t it? I’m not a come-down-on-someone-hard person, you can’t be in the voluntary sector but, this week, I decided to ask for everything that had or hadn’t been done and I’d decided to set aside some time and do it.

And it’s nearly done! It will make my communications role soooooooo much easier and mean that I can reach people direct without relying on others to pass on.

So, it’s definitely been:


Even though I’ve felt a bit goggle-eyed (lots of screen work) annoyed that people weren’t honest to start with and said “look, I really haven’t got time..”, I guess  it’s because they’re too nice, like me.  

I’m much happier tonight, knowing that it’s nearly finished.  

What else is making me smile?

1.  New sports lessons

D is very happy this evening.  She doesn’t like contact sports but loves sport with a hand-to-eye element – golf, ping pong, boccia etc – tomorrow her class start tennis lessons, she can’t wait!

2. Another year older 

I had a lovely birthday last weekend and we still have birthday cake left (very useful when dealing with my task today!).

3.  De-cluttering 

The nicer weather always brings with it an urge to declutter and either “charity shop, recycle or hippo bag”.  Both T and D have had new beds in recent months so I’m looking forward to getting a hippo bag and filling it up (trying not to tear off any more nails in the process).
So that’s me, a tad less stressed than I felt at the start of the week and looking forward to the weekend, cuddles and (hopefully) some crochet time, how’s your week been? 

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