Really! – Fri 22nd April 2016

By | April 22, 2016

I was reminded with a very sharp jolt of the literal way in which D takes every aspect of life this afternoon.

She’d enjoyed her day at school – chick count this morning 9 out of a potential 10 – and was extremely happy to see me, telling me they’d had a full dress D rehearsal for next week’s Oliver production and it had gone well. Such was her enthusiasm that she told another pupil they’d “done great in rehearsals”, something which sent him on his way with a smile on his face, no doubt.

Then we got outside and it was raining, well not really raining, more drizzling.  D was furious that we had to walk home, extremely annoyed that we weren’t getting a lift and stomped dramatically away (well, she had just been in musical rehearsals after all).

I caught up with her and said:

“D, it’s not really raining that much, it’s only drizzling, we won’t get very wet at all”

and she replied, extremely annoyed:

“But it REALLY is raining.  Rain is when water comes down from the sky.  It’s really raining.”

She had a point.  It is all or nothing for her and her brother.  Black or white, no metaphorical grey, not even dark grey.

Stomp, stomp, stomp ….. slam, when we got home.

Weather permitting and if it’s not REALLY raining, she wants to go and get her feet measured tomorrow.  I suggested Sunday but nope, D was adamant about it being tomorrow… unless it’s raining …. wish us luck that it’s not too busy there please.


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