Rain (hasn’t) stopped play – Fri 15th April 2016

By | April 15, 2016

D coped very well with a couple of changes today, far far better than I’d thought – proud Mumma moment or two here.

Firstly, the off-site tennis which she was so excited about yesterday, didn’t happen.  It was torrentially raining and thunderstorms were predicted, not the ideal time to play tennis in an outdoors setting! So, they stayed in school and had their tennis lesson in the hall, with apparently a comical moment when masses of tennis balls cascaded out of a bag onto the floor.

And the second was, we had a change at teatime.  Normally we have our chippy tea – which D loves and can’t wait for – but today we rung in a change and it was okay, she still told us her “best and funniest bits of the week” (if she’s in a fantastic mood, I don’t always ask her about any “worst bits” as it may impact on her mood as she remembers and when it’s good, you want it to stay that way, eh?).

She did very well, on both counts.

Apologies for the short blog, I’ve been carrying on with my voluntary task today and its involved a lot of screen work – my eyes definitely feel like the image above.

Roll on the weekend! 

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