Pulse – Weds 27th April 2016

By | April 27, 2016

It was a tired, but happy, D who woke up this morning, after her school’s Oliver performance yesterday evening.  She seemed relieved too, understandably there must have been a lot of rehearsals for it.

As well as taking a smiley picture yesterday, she also wanted a “silly” picture, so…

Anyway, back to today and she came out of school having learnt a new skill today, that of taking a pulse.

Her class has had a PE lesson where they’d taken their pulse rates after walking, sitting, sprinting and jogging.  D’s sitting rate was high until the teachers realised she was swinging her legs at the same time!

So, our walk home was full of D walking around quickly in circles, running and then stopping and skipping, all whilst measuring her pulse rate afterwards.

A new skill learnt today, one that might prove invaluable if ever a situation arose. Good to know.

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