Measuring Up – Sun 24th April 2016

By | April 24, 2016

Hubbie and I have had a wry and relieved smile together today and it’s not just because D had a successful foot measurement taken in Clarks today.

It was busy in there and around the shops.  Unusual for a Sunday afternoon and D was not keen. She complied though and we got a new foot size measurement.

We haven’t told T her new shoe size yet but he’d be delighted to know that, for the first time in about six years he has larger feet than his sister.  

T is 18 months older and that competitive streak of his was severely dented when D went into precocious puberty and not only shot up in height but also in shoe size.  His ego definitely did not appreciate the fact that D was at least half a head taller and a shoe size bigger.

All change today though, as D has only gone up half a size and is now a whole shoe size smaller than T.  Which is additionally proof for us that her puberty-blocking treatment has slowed things down.  She only has one more treatment left and then nature will take over, maybe she’ll stay at this size now, maybe not, but well done D for letting the measurement happen.  The challenge now is to find D-friendly trainer type shoes in an adult size, which means no laces and soft backs.  

A calmer time followed over a coffee for me and a water (the only thing she’ll drink) for D.  Much needed as she has a busy week school-wise coming up.

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