Looming – Sun 10th April 2016

By | April 10, 2016

Return to school for both T and D tomorrow and whilst they both need the routine, neither of them seem particularly eager at the moment.

For T, he absolutely craves the routine of “what, when and where”, whilst D loves the calmer atmosphere that SN school brings but, again, she needs that routine and most definitely will be missing the home comforts of cuddles on tap and the chance to squeak/squeal/bounce on the spot freely.

The “cuddles on tap” aspect has been (kind of) dealt with today, via matching friendship bracelets (the little flower in the picture at the top).  I’ve said that she should look at her bracelet if she’s missing home and I’ll do the same.  Which I will …. after a peaceful coffee!

Yesterday’s blog disappeared for some reason and it was a lovely day, albeit with a shaky start.

The day before, I’d tried to watch a bit of this programme:

“How to stay young”.  It’s basically commonsense as regards to lifestyle but I was interested to see if there were any new theories.

I thought it would be okay to watch with D but it terrified her with its talk of how certain lifestyle factors can reduce life expectancy and then I had a birthday the following day!  

She was very emotional first thing yesterday morning and said how much the programme had scared her.  It doesn’t pay to sugar-coat anything around death with autism, statements like “gone to sleep” or “passed away” are too wishy-washy, it’s better to mention the circle of life and nature comparisons.

Not a discussion I’d expected yesterday but one that reassured her, which then meant she enjoyed the day (and cake!).

Speaking of discussions, another theory online today as to what causes autism is having children too close together or too far apart.  *sigh*  The article is here.  

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