Fish and chip paper – Sat 16th April 2016

By | April 16, 2016

“Today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper”.   


I tried to share that thought with T today as his team lost their game this morning.  A disappointment as they had such a fantastic morale-boosting win last Monday.

He returned home muddy and annoyed.  The exact score wasn’t known to me until a bit later as T absolutely refused to discuss it, apart from a “heavy loss”.

The analogy above didn’t work really either with him, of moving onwards, after learning from this morning, looking forwards to the next game.

I guess it’s difficult to, football is his passion after all, has been since he could pull himself up and bounce on his heels, whilst watching a game.

The midwife visiting after D was born used to be amazed, T was 18 months at the time, he’d recite the names of all the premier league teams at her from their badges.  He’d carry the sheet below around everywhere, I laminated it so it lasted a while longer for him.  It all started very early on with T.

Aww little T.  In the picture above, he was eyeing up the goal in the garden, waiting to use his left foot to shoot.  

He’ll bounce back (literally), he just needs to digest today’s result for a bit.

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