Excited – Fri 8th April 2016

By | April 8, 2016

The picture above would describe D perfectly today, she’s a happy, excited young lady.

We have a birthday in the family tomorrow and this is a big step forward for her.  She knows her birthday and Christmas and usually that’s what she focusses on.  Not any more.

She is squeakily, happily, giggling.  There’s been a few Tigger-like bounces too.  It’s not just to do with chocolate birthday cake, she’s genuinely excited.

It’s been a long old haul for birthdays here.  I remember D going into school on her 5th birthday and the home-school diary saying “she didn’t recognise that it was a special day”, which took a chip out of our hearts.  Fast forward a few years (probably another 4) and she counts down like nobodies business to hers, Christmas and now other people’s.  It’s lovely to see her unadulterated happiness shining out.

She is a wise little thing at times too.  She said today “it’s a shame the holidays are ending, time sure does fly when you’re having fun”.  I remember saying that saying to her one weekend and she’s remembered it and added a bit on, bless her.

Roll on tomorrow!

Today’s revisited post is all about the guessing game that SN parents play, helpfully aided by the media at times, trying to work out “why, how, who?” when a diagnosis is first mentioned.

If the Daily Mail is to be believed, autism is caused by (in no particular order) – 

older parents, 

younger parents, 

dieting mums to be, 

overweight mums to be, 

premature birth, 

low birthweight, 

high birthweight, 

mums having flu in pregnancy, 

Mums being exposed to toxins, 

stress in pregnancy 

and that awful theory from decades ago, Mums showing their children no affection.

I firmly believe it’s down to genetics.    Here’s the post: 

“Autism – The Guessing Game

Because there is no known cause or cure for autism, you receive your child’s diagnosis and wonder …. how did it happen and why? I blogged about this in my “Looking Back….Moving Forwards” post.

And then, you can’t help it….you look within yourself and your partner. You play a guessing game.

Hubbie, for example, has always been quoting virtually whole scenes from Fawlty Towers or Jasper Carrott sketches. Something will remind him, and off he goes….it’s endearing at first, but after ten (now nearly sixteen!) years, I’ve heard them countless times. He always have to be early for everything, he’ll say he’s leaving at, say, 9.15am and then leave 10 minutes before. To be fair, he’s got his own business and is extremely self-disciplined.

And my family…Dad and three of my sisters are all accountants. Not for me, way too boring (not that I am knocking anyone who does accountancy, it just wasn’t for me). I check the back door is locked before we go out and then re-check it. Always drink my water in gulp multiples of 2!

And we are both extremely stubborn, but then that is a bonus, it will also stem into determination to get things done.

I can see traits in all my children (written before T was diagnosed with high-functioning autism). I guess when the genes balls were juggling for our beautiful D, they just collided a bit more, or fitted together a bit too closely.

Not that I would change her for anything. She’s our daughter who also happens to have autism.”

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