Cuddles – Sun 17th April 2016

By | April 17, 2016

Cuddles usually solve all manner of troubles for D, they didn’t for the majority of today.

She was in tears as I had to spend a few hours on computer work today.  It wasn’t ideal but these things happen.  I normally try and get anything volunteer-wise done during the week but an item came up this week which took priority.  

The change really upset D.  Not that I wasn’t accessible, of course I was, it was more that she’s used to a very low-key Sunday, as opposed to her mum concentrating on a list and taking calls.  Requests for her to “squeeze it out around my waist” proved quite rib-crushing and they didn’t stem the tears.

Eventually it was all okay, we’ve just had a mega mega cuddle and she’s relaxed again, it’s a shame that a change can really, really spook her.

Could I have tackled my list tomorrow? Not really, there’s already plenty for me to do then.  I just need to make sure that days like today don’t occur too often. 

Thank you to my lovely Hubbie, who not only brought me home a coffee but saved me having to cook today X


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