Chicks – Thurs 21st April 2016

By | April 21, 2016

D’s settling to sleep amidst tears tonight, she’s had a week of rehearsals for the school musical next week (and an energetic school trip) and she’s a tad wrung out, emotionally and physically.

Tonight’s tears were set off by something very, very slight and, as is the way, when the tears start, they carry on for a while as she makes herself more and more upset, by thinking of other issues that hadn’t been worrying her, but now did (if you know what I mean).

But, I’m going to think positively, as is my aim generally but especially on a Thursday and decide that my word for the week would be these little fluffies:


These started out earlier this week at D’s school as eggs, they’ve been warm and happy in an incubator in a classroom and yesterday morning, amidst a lot of excitement and rather good timing, the first one hatched live on the webcam as pupils were heading into school.  

It was amazing to watch as a little foot or wing would poke out amongst the shell and then a very tired chick would struggle to get up.

By the end of school yesterday, there were three little chicks amongst the eggs and by this afternoon, eight with two more eggs still to go.

It’s been wonderful for all the pupils to watch on the screen and rather exciting to have them in a classroom too.  

What else has made me smile this week?

  A “good team member”  was the diary note after D’s activity day, which has made us very proud.  Our girl has a naturally helpful side to her nature, which can be hidden by anxieties but once it surfaces, it’s lovely.

And next week’s school musical performances will be lovely to see.  D is not only a narrator but she’s also in the choir, so it’s been a lot for her to learn and cope with.  Rehearsals have meant she’s missed a swimming lesson and will be missing tennis tomorrow, so it’s been a fair amount of change to activities she enjoys.

Roll on the weekend! 

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