Can’t Wait – Tues 19th April 2016

By | April 19, 2016

That’s how D feels tonight, she just can’t wait for tomorrow and another school trip.

Some outings can make her anxious, it’s the new surroundings aspect and the thoughts of strangers being around, but tomorrow’s trip is to a place she’s been to before with school and absolutely loved it.

It’s an outdoor activity centre, full of items designed to challenge those who go there and inspire a bit of team work, both of a mental and physical element.

Last year, D’s highlight was being hoisted up in the air and stacking crates with the aid of a classmate, the others were (apparently and thankfully) helping to support the pulleys and offer guidance as to where the crates should go.  Her best bits came at the end when it was all finished and the tower could be knocked over and the two of them “flew” back down to the ground.  For a girl who’d love to fly like a butterfly, this was wonderful.

D also has no fear of heights – unlike me – so she really enjoyed the challenge.  

I’m really looking forward to hearing what she gets up to (no doubt, literally again) tomorrow.


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xOjox on 19th April 2016 at 8:54 pm.

She’s far braver than me! I hope her day lives up to it, and she comes home full of smiles xx


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