This week’s #WOTW and #R2BC

By | March 3, 2016

Normally, by this time on a Thursday, I’d have already decided on a word to sum up our week, but this week I haven’t.


It’s been a really mixed week.  

T had a school trip on Tuesday, something we thought he’d enjoy (football stadium trip), but he didn’t.  It seemed that they spent most of the day travelling there and back, with very little time there and he’s not the best passenger on reasonably long journeys.  So, instead of a chappie keen to talk about his trip, he was tired, withdrawn and really quite annoyed he’d been.  

D’s been off school for the last two days with a hurt leg (she pulled a muscle) and she’s very difficult to “read” at the best of times (it’s very much a case of second-guessing) but, instead of being upset because she was missing school (she normally does), she was glad to be resting her leg.  Which goes to show I did the right thing but it really threw any plans I had made.  Not that I begrudge being at home with her, never, cuddles on tap etc.

And then our Sky box conked out, yes, a very first world problem.  So, there I was, answering the silly automated responses on the phone before – maybe – you get put through to someone, with D wondering what was going on and one of the cats yeowling nearby because I was responding in a loud clear voice, to make sure I got put through – the cat doesn’t like “cashier number one please” type voices.  So, we had to wait for a new box to be sent out because our one – at ten years old – was now too old to cope with new technology, apparently.

And then it arrived when I was out.  Then we needed a replacement cable for our magic eye thingy.  Then I had to self-install and you’d think with the money paid to Sky every month, they’d send someone out…no.  

Sorry, I’m sounding a bit “Victor Meldrew” ish.

But, maybe just maybe, I’m grateful.  Glad I’m still here – albeit moaning.

Because last night, I was downstairs with T as Hubbie snoozed and we were both having a snack and I started choking.  Not a “went down the wrong way” but an “OMiGod, I can’t breathe, I’m choking, what do I do?” as I couldn’t very well do a Heimlich manovere on myself.  I was conscious of the fact that T was there watching and I couldn’t tell him what to do to help as I couldn’t talk.  Fortunately the blockage came out after a while but it wasn’t pleasant and then, with a sore throat, I had to reassure T that all was okay and act like normal, all the while thinking “blimey, what if…what if?”

So, yep…grateful.  And hoping that maybe I can get a few moments for me tomorrow, just to try and catch up a bit.  Maybe.

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