This week’s Reasons To Be Cheerful #R2BC 

By | March 31, 2016

Hurrah for Thursday and positive thinking.

This time last week, I was feeling really ropey, flu-ey and yucky.  Hence my little blog break.

I must admit that I did feel guilty about not posting any positivity but it just wasn’t there.  It’s back now though!

So, here we go, in no particular order:

1.  Storm Katie

You may have seen in the news (it even got national coverage) about Woodley and the storm damage.  Basically there was a whole load of high scaffolding above a bank of shops and it was overlooking some more shops, not any more.  It came down first thing Monday morning and wiped out the area quite dramatically.  Some shops still aren’t open, Costa being one of them.

So, why am I including this? Because Hubbie normally heads up on a bank holiday early to get me a coffee, when they open at 7am-ish, it all blew down at 7.10am or something.  
Thankfully he hadn’t gone up and no one else was injured.  A “gulp, make you think” moment or two.

2.  Let’s jump the broomstick 

My family will be pleased that I’m now longer singing this because I’ve finished my broomstick crochet scarf.


It’s been an experience (!) but how the end result looks makes up for it.  And I won’t be singing the song anymore either (result).

3.  Relaxed (ish)

With the school holidays, comes a chance for T and D to wind down a bit, to catch up on sleep and not think about school for a couple of weeks – apart from D’s fab reading of her school book.

My children seem to cope with each other best if they have little or no interaction with each other, sadly, but that’s how we roll at times.

4.  A leveller 

Thinking ahead for the children worries me and, with the start of Autism Awareness month, it always makes me wonder if awareness is getting out there.

I had a great reminder yesterday that sport can break down barriers and it’s something I’m looking forward to helping continue within my voluntary work.

5.  Fitbit 

My Fitbit gave up on itself this week, quite annoyingly really as I love taking part in weekly challenges.  I haven’t decided whether to replace it or go for another tracking method (esp as Fitbit customer service hasn’t been the best imo), I’m enjoyed looking at alternatives but I am missing that little “hurrah” when I get my steps goal.   To be continued, I guess.
How’s your week been? 

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