The Trip – Tues 1st March 2016

By | March 1, 2016

T had a trip today, it should have been right up his street, an activities day to a football stadium.  

Not the premier league team he passionately supports but one to Upton Park, where West Ham play.  It was something he had been looking forward to but those anxieties crept in today.

Not only was it obviously a new venue experience for him, but it also had the potential to be crowded and they were going there and back by coach – he’s not the happiest passenger on long trips.

Our nervous boy didn’t eat any breakfast this morning, nor any of his packed lunch so it was an understandably grumpy and really quite drained T who came home. The coach travel took up a major part of the day and, by T’s reckoning, they only spent about an hour at the actual venue but I’m hoping that was an underestimation.  

I think I’ve just worked out why he didn’t eat anything – when T was in primary school, he was on a minibus for a school football match and he was sick.  That memory, no doubt combined with his present virus, has probably made him very wary of eating before a journey.  

Yes, he goes to school by coach by I’m wondering if today’s zero food intake was because he’d be with his class all day and on the coach – as opposed to 15 minutes or so in the morning and home time.

He’s had a decent (for him) meal tonight. Teenage years eh? 


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