The Suspense – Fri 4th March 2016 

By | March 4, 2016

D went back to school today, it was a good-natured return with us playing games with our shadows on the way to school.  

Her leg was much better and she needed the routine of getting back to it, I needed a peaceful coffee (not that I would have minded if I’d had to wait a few more days, but it was very nice).

It was a different story at the end of the day.  She came down the stairs not wanting to make eye contact or letting me see what she was carrying, as well as her flute case and backpack.  It would have seemed to be something for Mothers Day.

If D had asked for a carrier bag or put it in her backpack, it would have made for a much smoother walk home but, because she didn’t want me to see what she was carrying (and despite reassurance I wouldn’t), it was as if we walked in convoy, she was determined that nothing would slip about her surprise.

It continued at home, with her asking me where she should hide it so that I wouldn’t see it (!) and then, once she’d hid it, she came down and told me most definitely where not to look!

It is lovely though, that she now recognises special days and other peoples birthdays, as well as her own.  It took probably until she was 8 for her own birthday to register, other occasions followed later and it’s always lovely to see her writing a card (writing is always a challenge) and draw an accompanying picture.

Did I see what the surprise was? It couldn’t be helped as she came down those stairs.  

Will I make out I didn’t and that it’s all a wonderful surprise? Of course I will, it will be worth the wait.  

Additionally the excitement on her face will be lovely too.  

T is in full-blown grunt mode now that he’s 13, so I may get a smile, I’m sure I’ll get a grunt or two, bless him.

Have a fab weekend Jx 


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