Suspense contd.. – Sat 5th March 2016

By | March 5, 2016

Ooh, the excitement is continuing here, after D’s successful (but grumpy) transportation home of her Mother’s Day gift yesterday, today was all about her preparing herself for tomorrow, with some inspiration from her Girls Talk magazine.

Bearing in mind that she finds writing a challenge, she’s done a card with Sharpie pens (lovely fumes) and – I haven’t been allowed to see it but – she’s told us “it’s the best card ever”.

She’s also been hunting out cookie cutters for a breakfast idea (from her magazine).  So…all systems go!

I’m very impressed and proud of her that she’s come up with some ideas for herself.  There was a few testy moments when she was asked to sign another card, because in her eyes she’d done what she needed to do (and she promptly came and alerted me!).

Still, apart from the above, it’s been a (relatively) calm day.  T’s team had a football game and won, so he was happy.

Good times.


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