Lovely – Sun 6th March 2016

By | March 6, 2016

D was so excited about today (Mothers Day in the UK) and so eager to share what she’d made, justifiably so:

The detail in her writing and drawings always amazes me.  Hopefully it shows in the first picture that every little star has a smiley face, just lovely.

And her writing and punctuation, wonderful.  She didn’t want to do anymore writing after this but did do her name in the other card that Hubbie bought.  

I’ve mentioned before how she finds writing challenging but, as shown above, she will put 100% effort into producing whatever picture or note she’s working on and always there’s always a message of positivity – even if her mood after (with all that effort) isn’t always so.

It’s that old adage, isn’t it? The thought that counts.  Flowers can fade, chocolates will get eaten (oh yes, indeedy) but that little hand drawn piece of paper that’s folded as a card, will stay with me forever.

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