In The Pink (part 2) – Sat 12th March 2016

By | March 12, 2016

Well, it’s been a day of change for D, a “stressful day” as she described it.

That lovely pink bed is now assembled:

There’s her bedtime toys are lined up – D dolly, Coral the dolphin, Mumma dolly, good old Bunny and Blankie.  All very much loved.

The bed was described as “minimal assembly” and, in the words of Jim Royle “minimal assembly? My a*se!”.  

It’s never easy trying to assemble something with D or T around, they find the changes very stressful.  During one particular moment, D was sitting when her bed used to be and really quite upset.

Normally I’d make any furniture changes whilst they’re at school – and I half wish I’d waited until Monday – but I’m glad in a way I did it today, it’s meant that D could acclimatise herself to it sooner, rather than just a few hours after school.

T’s team lost today, unfortunately.  He didn’t seem overly disappointed but, what with the upcoming Options decisions and a hefty dose of hormones, I guess his mind is on other matters.  He’s had so much change following his previous team disbanding last summer, all in all, he’s had a lot to get used to.

Change is never easy for autistic children and today was no exception.  

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