In The Pink (part 1) – Fri 11th March 2016

By | March 11, 2016

We have a smiley D this evening, it’s nice to see.

She’s had her favourite day at school, lessons included gardening (where they planted sunflower seeds), her flute lesson (which she always enjoys), a school walk home in the sunshine and then fish and chips for tea.  

Perfect! With no “worst bits of the week” reported by D either, thankfully she seems to have forgotten about her very stressful injection this week.

She’s also very excited about her new bed, which arrived today:

It’s not put together yet, that will be my main task for tomorrow.  Very pink and girly and, with the diamanté bits in the headboard, VERY D.

Her current bed has gone through a lot, what with hefty slumps on it when D’s full of negativity and the fact that she’ll squirm and wriggle around in it so much that it moves, when she’s mega happy and it’s just about reached the end of its usefulness here.  It was getting to the stage where I was close bringing to down a camp bed from the loft for her, I was so worried it would collapse with her in it, mid anxious moment.

Fellow SN parents will know what I mean, when our children are calm, everything is gentle from how they carry themselves to how they treat furniture, but when they’re over anxious and pre/post meltdown, it can be quite destructive.

But enough of that (for now anyway).  Our girl is happy, looking forward to being “in the pink” bed from tomorrow – if everything is in the boxes, that is! 

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