Have You Ever – Tues 8th March 2016

By | March 8, 2016

Have you ever got to the end of your day and just felt exhausted, both emotionally and physically?

Have you ever wondered how your child’s moods can change as if a switch has been flicked?

Have you ever dreaded the morning, because it brings something that you know will cause your child distress, in bucket loads?

Have you ever been held so tightly that you thought a bone might snap? But you know that this is preferable to a bolt by your child?

Have you ever had to hold your child down whilst they scream and thrash as an injection is being administered?

Have you ever walked to school with your child wailing? Wailing because they were going to school and the routine had changed.  

Have you ever considered turning round and going home, because it might seem easier, but kept going because you know that, once they’re in school, the routine will help?

Have you ever not had to tell staff that you might need help to get your child into school? That they can tell from the wails as you approach?

Have you ever walked away from the school doing the “walk of shame”, that yes, it was your child that made all that noise?

Have you ever later realised that, in all the struggling and squeezing and thrashing, one of your earrings must have been ripped out? 

Have you ever walked to school in the afternoon knowing that there may still be some built-up emotion from the morning? 

Have you ever kept on going, pasting on that smile, being the constant, standing where you stand every day, inwardly hoping that the walk home will be okay?  

Have you ever had to stop somewhere on the way home, because your child does not like the school toilets, so won’t use them, so – once their body knows they’re on their way home – is absolutely bursting to “go”?  

Have you ever secretly thanked any powers that be that there’s only a few injections left?  Every month sees your child getting stronger and stronger.

It’s a “yes” to all of the above today.

Have you ever tucked your child in and realised that, however hard your day has been, theirs was so much harder?  

Have you ever thought that you might seem calm and placid on the outside, inside you want to roar like a lion at times because you are just so protective of your child?


Have you ever felt better for “blogging it out”?


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