Cute – Sat 19th March 2016

By | March 19, 2016

Aww, there have been some cute moments today, courtesy of a cat-loving programme The Story of Cats (link here to ITV hub).

D absolutely loved it and, as I was watching with her, it made me think how cats are ideal for our family.

The programme talked about the appeal of kittens and how their big eyes and tiny chins meant that, as humans, we are genetically programmed to like them as our minds compare them to babies and toddlers.

Mega cute:

And – for me – not so:


I hadn’t really thought about the next aspect discussed, that of the fact that cats and kittens (unless gearing up for a tussle over their boundaries) are mostly expressionless, whereas dogs growl, snarl and loll around happily their tongues out.  

For T and D, our cats’ expressions are far easier to judge – they’re either content or not.  Handy when autism plays a part.

D also wanted me to share a video clip played on the show – that of a surprised kitten – it’s had 76million views on YouTube! 


The programme is well worth a watch and, for us, it will provide some handy conversation tools too, a definite bonus.

I’d better mention our moggies:

Bitsey (the fiercely terroritorial guard cat who is also the cuddliest, purriest cat imaginable):

And Itsey, spends her days (and nights) asleep, gets scared by leaves and doesn’t run like a cat but springs!


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