Brave -Mon 7th March 2016

By | March 7, 2016

Now, before I start this; I know that are wonderfully, heroic people who do selflessly inspirational deeds every day, I’m not comparing our lovely D to these individuals, more that – in our eyes and by her standards – she’s been incredibly brave today.

Faced her fears and with autism and anxieties, she gets a lot of them, believe me.

Today was swimming at school for D, last week she pulled a leg muscle and was in pain for a few days, definitely not wanting to balance on it.  Today she skipped along as we made our way to school and, not only enjoyed her lesson but tried out something new too.  

This is pretty mega for D, not letting what had happened previously overcome her and enjoying the time.

And … she managed to get a splinter from some play equipment at lunchtime. The D of a few years back would have howled if I’d tried to look, hit me if I’d attempted to use tweezers and we’d all have finished a heck of a lot more stressed than when I’d started.

D, today, let me gently get the splinter out.  She moaned and groaned but accepted it was happening, she was in tears by the end, but she understood why I was doing what I was doing.

Progress, definite progress and a “thank goodness, it’s out” from D afterwards, as she looked at her World Book Day book.

But, it’s always “expect the unexpected” here as a mini meltdown occurred on the way home, because I did something out of the ordinary as we walked (not skipped) past the lake.  D shouted, she kicked stones, she cried, she was not happy.

That’s our life, that’s autism.  Highs and lows.  Sometimes I’d like a happy medium, a sort of “ooom” (yoga-ish) type environment, a middle ground, we expect the unexpected. 


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