Boffin – Tues 22nd March 2016

By | March 22, 2016

D had very mixed thoughts about today.  The “boffin” of the title was a Science Boffin workshop she’d be attending today at school.  She loves science, there always seems to be quite weird and wonderful experiments taking place and it’s one of the lessons she really looks forward to taking part in.

This morning, however, that all changed.

She’d been told yesterday that another school would be joining in and not only that, but it was the mainstream primary school she attended for a very short while (before her SEN was granted) and she didn’t talk about it at the time (she physically couldn’t) but she does remember negative experiences.

Despite the fact that D is now in year 7 (secondary) and obviously anyone who she may have had anxieties about encountering has left (we’d told her that too) she was worried about “big, strange children being there”.

No reasoning could dissuade her.  She was extremely anxious and took it out of my hands and arms.

Fast forward – whoosh! – a few hours and all was fine (ish).  She’d enjoyed the workshop, the children were all “tiny” and she’d coped with Hubbie collecting her and giving her tea as I would be back late.

So, a more relaxed D this evening and my (slightly wild) hair has been tamed too.  Win-win.

A reminder that “The A Word” is on tonight, hence my slightly earlier publication of the blog.  Fingers tightly crossed for some awareness and acceptance please.


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