Beep! Weds 23rd March 2016

By | March 23, 2016

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“Hi, it’s Jeannette.  Please excuse the coughing and sneezing. I’ve caught a bug and don’t feel great.

I wanted to watch “The A Word” last night or today and feed back on what I thought but, I felt too full of cold and emotional.  I didn’t want to watch it not feeling 100% and then miss parts because I’d be thinking back to how I could relate to scenarios – and probably cry, which would then make me feel worse.

I’ve got some guilt going on too, because I snapped at T this afternoon – justifiably – but normally I’d try and talk it through (although I’m never sure if he’s listening because his headphones are always firmly attached to his head).  

D was full of chat on the way home, her class had had their first s e x education lesson today.  They’d been seperated by gender into lessons and she felt very sorry for one of her classmates who’d had a birthday today and that he’d had to have a lesson like that! Apparently he came back from the lessons saying “I don’t want to be s e x y!”

Speaking of the birthday boy, D was way, way, way too embarrassed to pass him the card that she’d spent so long on, so I had to leave it at school reception, with a request that a teacher subtely put it into his bag.  Hopefully he received it! 

I felt so awfully ill that I tried to have a sleep during the day, I haven’t done that since D was a baby and didn’t really succeed, I couldn’t switch off (despite setting an alarm).

I hope this bug doesn’t carry on as long as T’s did.  I’ve got tomorrow to get whatever I needed to do done, before school finishes for two weeks.

Oops, that might be the beep saying my message has gone over….normal service will be resumed soon…..beeeeeep!”

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