Winding down – Sat 13th Feb 2016

By | February 13, 2016

It struck me today that, despite their very similar autistic traits, T and D have differing ways to wind down.

For T (usually) it’s being on-the-go, bouncing on his heels as he plays a FIFA game or playing Minecraft whilst listening to Minecraft videos on headphones, almost as if he can separate his brain into two parts, each dealing with the differing activity.  

I say “usually” because he’s still poorly and pale.  Like I’ve mentioned before, he doesn’t get ill very often but when he does, it completely floors him.

D relaxes by reading – something I’m so proud she enjoys – her current favourites are “The Worst Witch” series and drawing.

The above was something that took her quite a while and heaps of concentration today, using quite stinky Sharpie pens! There’s a pot of gold under her rainbow and she added in two four-leaved clovers too.  

For Hubbie, it’s football. Either watching from a touchline, getting drenched or his favourite team on the tv.  Bless him, he’ll commentate away from the sofa, that’s years of watching football and coaching for you.

And me.  Well, if the children are at school, it’s either music or being sociable over a coffee or..

this, with a sky remote added for scale.  It’s ever-growing, taking on rather large proportions and still very relaxing.  

Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

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