Waiting – Tues 23rd Feb 2016

By | February 23, 2016

I’ve mentioned before the fact that both T and D need melatonin to enable them to sleep at night, it usually does the trick. Previously we’d find that either anxieties would overtake them and a settling down period wouldn’t happen (despite the routine that autism dictates) or that they just wouldn’t be able to “switch off” and relax.

What I have noticed though, that at times D can hold back the effects of the melatonin when she needs to, if I’m out, for example.

Not that she’s home alone, no way, I can’t see that happening at all in the foreseeable future but when I’m out at a meeting/social event.

She’s able to fend off those melatonin effects (and they’re quite drowsy making, I tried it before we gave her her first syringe) until I’m back, have tucked her in (even though that’s already happened) and have said “good night”.

Bearing in mind, I wasn’t back until just before 10pm last night, it’s been a tired household today, a tired D who – once again – hasn’t wanted to talk about her day and whizzed past at home time, to the corner of the school grounds where she’ll curl up into a ball and wait.

Sleep well D. 


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