Tidy – Sun 7th Feb 2016

By | February 7, 2016

Usually, if I’m tackling something that’s likely to cause change at home, I’ll do it when T and D are at school.  It’s easier for them, they generally appreciate the end result but don’t like all the hustle and bustle of furniture being moved and things generally being out of place.

For example, if it’s time to decorate the Christmas tree, I’ll bring everything down from the loft, get the tree in place and the lights on and then they’ll help with the decorations because that’s a relatively achievable end game for them and they can see that it won’t take too long.

Today, though, Hubbie and I decided to tackle D’s room, no mean feat as she is an absolute magpie for collecting various bits and pieces and then hoarding them.  Not ideal for D as she got extremely stressed and told me there was “too much change” but, we hoped, by attempting to engage her (that didn’t really work), she’d appreciate the end result.

And she has.  Here’s her chair (she has a snuggly cuddle chair) with Bunny, D dolly, Mumma dolly and Coral the dolphin.  


They all look cosy, don’t they? D’s enjoyed reading in her chair, which is great.

Some chalking by D too on her chalkboard surface.

She seems very happy with the results of today’s change and move-around which more than makes up for the emotional highs and lows of earlier. 

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