This week’s #WOTW and #R2BC – Fri 5th Feb 2016

By | February 5, 2016

I’ve afraid that, once again, I have to issue a bug alert.

Rather than everyone in the house getting the same bugs at the same time (which would make life a lot easier) we are round-robining with the distinct possible this may carry on for a while.  

Anyway, I’m not using the same germ-y word two weeks running, that would be a tad boring and this week hasn’t been.

This week has seen a new month and the hope that Spring isn’t far away.

D and I have had relatively dry walks through the woods to school this week and seen plenty of crocuses and daffodils, all peeking their petals out and looking very colourful.  We’ve got some daffodils in a vase and they’re a cheap and cheerful way of bringing the outside in.  

This weekend will also see the second row of squares sewn on to my sky blanket (one knitted square a day) for this year, the predominant colour for January is grey, so I hoping a new month will bring some bluer skies, along with some sunshine (although a snowy square would look very pretty).

I also tried out a new skill this week, something I’ve wanted to have a proper go at for yonks, crochet.

The picture above is after a two hour group session and below is where I’ve got to now, I’m pleased to say that I’ve speeded up with confidence:

The lovely thing about having a “stash” (the knitters term apparently for quite a bit of wool) is that I’m using colours and wool I already have and don’t want to buy anymore until this reaches whatever size its going to end up being (bed-sized if I can manage it).

The downside is that I only currently know how to do this stitch so I’ve doing this until I learn another one.

This week also saw an emotional injection for D and she had a really rough time of it being administered yesterday.  Her reward (because I can’t sugar-coat it and say it won’t hurt) was a new book (The Worst Witch Saves The Day) and it has helped.  

T had a positive parents evening at school this week and I need to source a reward for him too, he’s additionally a book worm but is at that age where Big Nate or Diary of a Wimpy Kid are now too young for him and I need to find another genre to engage him.

What else? Well, ironically T would probably have been playing a football match tomorrow but he’s succumbed to the round-robin germs and been off school today.  In a way, I’m glad he’s accepted (and requested) that he’s not playing as it means he can rest up and hopefully get better soon. 

And I’ve been reminiscing as to just how different I feel within myself from this time last year.  It’s a good feeling to have got through something that isn’t talked about enough – depression.  The feeling that I’m not good enough may still lurk occasionally but it dispells very quickly instead of eating away at me and bringing me down.  There’s no timetable to start to feel brighter, everyone is individual but it does mean that I can speak from experience to others going through it.  It feels like I’m helping in some way.  

Have a lovely weekend Jx 

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Jocelyn (@ReadingRes) on 6th February 2016 at 12:58 pm.

You’re doing very well with your crochet! Nice to try new things, and yes, a new month and I’m now willing spring to be here! Glad T had a good parents evening, though sorry D had a tough time of it. Books are always my rewards for things, too. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x


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