Relaxed – Sat 27th Feb 2016 

By | February 27, 2016

A much better day for T and D today, for a few reasons.

It’s Saturday and that’s meant no school for D, no anxieties to build up around trip/school changes matters that have affected her this week. Cuddles on tap too.

For T, it’s meant a football game (yes, two weeks running now, the weather is hopefully getting more Spring-life) and he not only played, but also scored with his team winning by 8:1.  It was a cold – but yep, quite relaxed T too – that pitched up home after the game.  

It’s also been a day not without a bit of change – a technology fail and I had to spend ages on the phone trying to rectify and then establishing that we’re being sent a replacement – but, because the children were much more relaxed than of late, it went down okay.

Days like this make you think “cool, that was quite okay”.  Whilst tomorrow might be (scrub that, will be) more of a challenge with a shoe shop trip for T, today will make up for it in advance.

(Apart from the technology fail… inside I’m growling about it, externally I’m very zen!)


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