New week, new worries – Mon 29th Feb 2016

By | February 29, 2016

It’s fitness week at D’s school this week and it’s a great iniative, every day the pupils are trying out a new sports activity, today it was aerobics. 

I loved doing aerobics BC (before children) and – not a lot of people know this – went on a training course to become an instructor, such was my enjoyment.  Unfortunately D doesn’t seem to have inherited that and, the aerobics combined with a swimming session made for a tired, quite stressed D at home time.

She moaned and groaned all the way home, she’d somehow managed to pull a foot muscle in swimming and has been quite low-key at home – apart from slamming her door shut a few times and excluding herself from activities more rhan she would normally.

And tomorrow the featured exercise is Boxercise.  Which is already causing some anxieties.  Not to mention that it’s injection time this week too, it might be a roller coaster of emotions.  Wish us luck!


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