Impasse – Weds 3rd Feb 2016

By | February 3, 2016

I adore our children, anyone who reads my blog will know that.  I’ll fight to the end for them, whether it be bureaucracy/whatever if I feel that it’s worthwhile pursuing.  I just wish, sometimes, that they tolerated each other more.

Take today, we quite often have “impasse” situations because neither of them have the social awareness that others of their age might be.  T was at the bottom of the stairs, just about to go up and D at the top, just about to come down.

Now, you’d think one would “back down” and let the other go first.  Nope.  Both started on their journey at the same time, eventually D relenting and moving back up, with T going past and not only not saying “thank you” but instead muttering “don’t look so angry”.  Something which did not go down well with D.

It’s happening more and more frequently, this impasse.  Whether it’s a “glare off” until one relents over the meal table or a brush past by one of the other, because there isn’t an “excuse me” or “I’ll just wait for you to finish”.  

In a similar vein, D will think nothing of interrupting and interrupting until she’s heard but gets extremely annoyed if she feels she’s been interrupted and continue with “…as I was saying…” in a very annoyed tone.

This isn’t just tween/teen hormones, this is an autistic trait within our children, something that isn’t immediately apparent, something that can be perceived as “rude” by someone looking on who isn’t aware.  Something I’d hoped would improve with maturity, but it isn’t.

I almost wish they’d take their intolerance out of me than each other because it’s quite difficult playing “referee” when I know that how they’re reacting to each other can’t be helped.  


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