Feeling a bit like … – Mon 22nd Feb 2016

By | February 22, 2016

Why? Well, I have no idea how T or D’s days went.  It’s not uncommon to get no feedback from them, especially after a break from school but today I needed to know.

T hardly ever eats his packed lunch at school, I guess he prefers to get right away from the hustle, bustle and noise of lunchtime (not to mention the smells) and get out onto the field with a football, but – especially after him being so ill – I wanted to know about this.  

D had an offsite swimming lesson today with school, bizarrely quite a way away as her school is within a stones throw of a public pool.  These brought up thoughts of questions I wanted to know such as – was the lesson within a closed session? would the children be accompanied in public changing rooms and if not, why not? Her and her classmates safety is paramount, any trip to a public pool has to be risk-assessed, factor in SN children and it’s even more so.

I have no idea.  She hasn’t wanted to talk and nor has she responded to prompts.  The only thing she did say is that a teacher giggled at my request in the diary that D have assistance please with her (new and quite close-fitting) swimming cap.  

I don’t know if the children were accompanied when they changed, I hope so.

I know that getting information out of tired children can be akin to pulling teeth (ie painful) but something in the diary would have been useful.  

Two-way communication is vital in the care of children who might not always want to offer it themselves.  I made sure that any diary I completed whilst child minding was info-packed, not only from a “what would I like to know in that situation?” but also from a prompts for talking viewpoint.  Maybe it’s just me..

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