Changes – 1st Feb 2016

By | February 1, 2016

Changes are afoot for both T and D in the next few months with regard to school.

For T, the next school year will bring studying in those subjects he has chosen in his Options to take to GCSE level.  His school takes them a year earlier so, the Options form is going back this week, the careers advice starts after February half term and then by the Summer, we’ll find out whether he’ll have his choices.  

It all seems a bit soon.  I can still remember my careers advice meeting, held behind the stage in the school hall, only hessian partitions separating the various meetings, whilst the advisor sat there in one of those jackets with the leather patches and asked me what I wanted to do.  The advice wasn’t really helpful and it was probably just as well that I’d picked out some very stereotypical choices – secretary or air hostess.  T’s will, I’m sure be more interesting!

And then D.  Her change has the potential to cause anxiety. Her head teacher will be retiring at the end of the year.  Something she will be very upset about.

I had hoped to only tell D about the news a few days before it would be happening as what I don’t want is for D to get upset every time she sees the HT.  

Unfortunately she’ll need to be told sooner.  The school council has agreed that it will put together a list of questions for any interviews, which is a great, proactive idea but it also means that every class will be discussing this and deciding if they’d like to submit a question.

I’m hoping that D will understand what’s being told to her and then, because she’ll see her HT standing in the same place every morning, greeting everyone and things generally carrying on as usual, that she’ll put it all to the back of her mind until closer to the end of the year.  Otherwise I can foresee months of anxiety and upset for her.

I guess for both our children, it really is a case of time will tell.  Hopefully along a positive vein.  My fingers are tightly crossed Jx 


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