Better – Thurs 4th Feb 2016

By | February 4, 2016

Today brought another one of D’s monthly injections, these are due to cease in May (thank goodness) and so we’re on countdown.  

The fact that she only has a few more of these don’t make it any easier for her, anxiety-wise and bearing in mind she’s getting stronger and more pronounced in her battling that needle going in, I made the decision that she’d have the infection at home first thing and then we’d head to school afterwards.  It also meant that I could be sure she was okay (ish) following the injection as opposed to watching our still-distressed girl heading up the stairs to class.  

This change to routine caused D a lot of distress even before the nurse arrived and, once she had, she hid.  Which made for a strangely funny moment as she hid under our glass table, watching me tearing around trying to find her, cheeky madam!

The actual injection was horrible, she struggled, she twisted backwards and foward, she squeezed my arms so tightly and screamed as the needle went in and then fled upstairs.  Poor D.

However, my strategy did work in the end, because – once calmer – we had a cuddly walk to school and she went upstairs happier, which made me happier too.  

And, because she’d let out all that emotion in the morning, she hadn’t built any up and I got a smile as she came down stairs this afternoon.  Laughter followed as we made some more stones go “plop” in the lake. 

Knowing that we only have 3 more won’t make the process any easier for D, but hopefully this new tactic will make it all a bit less stressful afterwards.  Fingers crossed.


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