As anticipated – Sun 28th Feb 2016

By | February 28, 2016

…change hasn’t gone down too well today, for either of our children.

It was a successful trip for T and Hubbie to get his feet measured, successful in that we now know he’s gone up a size – again – but that now means new school shoes, trainers, astro turf boots and football boots.  Ironic that those footballers on mega bucks weekly wages probably get freebies chucked at them left, right and centre and they’re the ones who can go and get multiple boot purchases without a thought – and not Sports Direct either.

The trip out did have repercussions for T’s emotions before and after though, as anticipated.  It was a lot easier than if D and I had gone too though.

D and I got out too, a walk in the sunshine, which she wasn’t overly pleased about but, thankfully, it was relatively people-free.  It could have been worse, it does concern me that, with D being twelve in just over three months, her sense of road awareness and danger has not increased with age.  

Onwards to another week and a new month 🙂 


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