Yep, that feeling – Fri 29th Jan 2016

By | January 29, 2016

Says it all doesn’t it and how can anyone not like the Flintstones?

From the time that D woke up, she’s been grinning.  Grinning because it’s Friday, smiling as tonight sees her favourite meal of the week and she’s got the weekend to look forward to.

She came out of school very happy and very impatient to tell us that her class had made play dough in cooking and she had a wad of the stuff in her bag.  I’m looking forward to seeing what she makes with it as, much like her drawings, her crafting can be very intricate.

There weren’t any “worst bits of the week” from either her or T at tea time when talking (I use that word loosely) about their weeks, which is good news considering the germ-y bug-fest this week.

And we got to walk through the “deep dark woods” to school and do some stone chucking into the lake, it was lovely to watch the ripples of the water and how they changed as the ripples met other ones.  A walk which – if it’s not rainy or overly muddy – always leaves her calm by the time we get to school.

Defintely a “whoopee it’s the weekend” feeling here, let’s see what it brings Jx 

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