Thinking Slimmer – Week 3

By | January 29, 2016

You might be thinking “where’s week 2?”, well it went a bit like this:

I’ve moved on, accepted that there were triggers and that the chocolate I succumbed to was very nice, very sugary and sent my blood sugar way up somewhere and was little comfort in the end for a stressful week.

What have I learnt from last week?

That sometimes it’s easier to give in, rather than crave and crave.  That I didn’t feel guilt afterwards because I knew it was a one-off and that my tastebuds are changing, “sweet” tasted too sweet.

Last Sunday, I started anew.  Listened to both the slimpod and the chillpod and felt more settled, more able to cope with whatever life chucks at me.

Thinking Slimmer is explained below:

“Slimpods avoid any notion of a diet, instead they gently nudge your unconscious mind towards making better eating choices – let’s face it, we all know what they are. Slimpods don’t tell you what to eat or what not to eat but guide your unconscious mind to help it create its own solutions.

By empowering you to control what you eat and motivating you to be more active, you lose weight without even having to think about it.

Breaking old habits and creating new ones means you’ve made a lasting lifestyle change that boosts your confidence and self-esteem and unlike dieting, our method means weight loss can be permanent.”

What have I noticed this week?

I’m listening to my Slimpod every day, sometimes it’s on the walk home from school in the morning, sometimes it’s whilst I’m chopping up vegetables and other healthy choices for the slow cooker and sometimes it’s at night, it varies. It helps.  Every time I listen to it, I notice something new.  A word or phrase will stand out for me and says with me.

I’m choosing healthier meals and snack choices without really thinking about it.  The joy of our slow cooker means that I chuck all manner of veggies in it in the morning, together with some meat and some stock and off we go.  A few hours later I’ll add some pasta and it carries on, gently bubbling away until tea time.  Perfect for my hungry husband when he gets home and one snow cooked pot lasts for two days.  

I’ve rediscovered a love of grapes, especially sable seedless ones.  Yummy!  Perfect to carry a small bagful in my bag for when I’m out and about, I had a coffee with a friend today and the grapes came along too.  

The Daily Mail has been singing their praises too, this headline made me chuckle:

I jumped onto the scales yesterday and was pleased to see I was 2lb down from last week, this would probably have been more had I not strayed a bit.

What else have I noticed? Well, I’m sleeping better (yay!) and I have clear skin anyway but it looks brighter – if I had a tail I would no doubt be wagging it!

I haven’t really noticed a difference in clothes yet but a lady at school stopped me this week and said I looked like I had lost weight, which is jolly nice when that happens!

For more information about Thinking Slimmer and slimpods, click here.

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