Talking – Sun 24th Jan 2016

By | January 24, 2016

Yesterday’s post focussed on the recent issues we’ve had with T’s school, his upcoming Options and homework, it all seems a bit better today.

It’s always helpful to compare a current school report with one issued last term, the “green, yellow, red” traffic light system for the ladder charts still bug me and the vast majority of T’s chart is yellow, which is okay, it means he’s doing satisfactorily in class.  He’s not a “jazz hands wheeeeee!” boy, he’s more of a steady, quiet plodder and that’s alright, isn’t it.

It was helpful today that we could refer to the current report and previous ones, that we can talk to T about the fact that he has a teacher he doesn’t like and it’s mutual but she still have him a measured (really quite okay) report, it showed him that she’s not against him, no-one is, we all just want him to up his game a bit, tolerate those subjects he’s got no interest in taking to exam level and just bide his time (and do that homework!).

T is very much a “black and white and no grey” thinker.  We used examples of when we (as his parents) have to do things we don’t necessarily enjoy doing but we do them because there is an end result and that everyone – us, his tutor, his subject teachers) – all want him to be happy and fulfill his potential.  Because he has tons, he’s very close to anticipated grade level at the end of key stage 3 in some subjects already.

It probably all felt all bit “lalala, they don’t know anything” to T, I remember that feeling.  I also remember having absolutely no say in my Options subjects at school so we’re resolute that we involve him in every decision, that we enable his voice to come through, quiet though it may be at times.

D – bless her – has listened to all the chat, let it happen as opposed to interrupting – which is what she is prone to do.  She said she had the “oomp pa pa” song from Oliver in her head today and has almost constantly sung it, in between asking if I’ve got it in mine yet! 

Another week commencing, I hope it’s a good one Jx 


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