Spellings – Tues 12th Jan 2016

By | January 12, 2016

Ooh, we do like proud parents moments here.  Moments to treasure and think “wow, we would never have expected this..”

Today has been one such example, that of a sheet of spellings that D brought home:

Wonderful for quite a few reasons but not least because she finds not only writing challenging but she’s also spelt the words out phonetically and on her own too.  It takes confidence to do that, doesn’t it? And that’s something that our girl lacks at times, the ability to believe in herself and also the knowledge that it’s okay to get things wrong sometimes because we learn from them.  

Many a time we’ve been at home, she’s having to write her “News” and because either she’s misspelt something or she’s put a comma where it should have been a full stop, she immediately either rips it to pieces or the offending comma (who hasn’t done anything to anyone) is scribbled and scribbled and scribbled over until the page is torn.  Which then makes her anxious because she’s then got to do it again, which affects her confidence, which leads to teensy mistakes …. and it becomes a vicious circle.

So, this piece of paper above is quite simply wonderful for us to see.  I also completely adore the fact she’s personalised it with her own “D” touches with the little flowers.

Yes, very proud parents here.

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Sarah MumofThree World on 13th January 2016 at 2:01 pm.

That’s brilliant! Very well done to her for getting them right, but for also accepting mistakes happen. It must be upsetting and frustrating to see her losing confidence over small mistakes.


Min on 13th January 2016 at 10:11 pm.

Fantastic! Love the little flowers too.


Silly Mummy on 13th January 2016 at 11:09 pm.

Brilliant! & I was thinking how great the flowers were too! Totally agree about how great it is to show the confidence to try things out and get it wrong, too. Well done D! #SSAmazingAchievements


rainbowsR2beautiful on 15th January 2016 at 6:34 pm.

I love when we see things like this. Well done D xxxx


Someone's Mum on 17th January 2016 at 4:06 pm.

Gorgeous. That feeling when you could burst with pride because you know they have done something that was difficult for them is priceless. #SSAmazingAchievements


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