Sensory – Tues 26th Jan 2016

By | January 26, 2016

Poor D’s not had a great day today, she was close to tears when we collected her and crumpled soon after.

She’d had a total sensory overload in one of her afternoon lessons – Rhythm group – she normally loves anything connected with music but today was too loud, too noisy and she must have held it all in until home time.

Hubbie had been rained off with work today so it helped that we had a lift home out of the rain but, this backfired because she had a meltdown, in the rain, in the street, before we could get indoors.

Normally we’d have the walk home to chat about her day, to look out for squirrels and birds, to “cuddle it out” if need be and generally get her home in a calmer state than at 3.15pm.  Not that I wasn’t grateful for the lift but maybe she felt a bit rushed, on top of all the other sensory issues that presented themselves today.

Thankfully she’s more settled now but it didn’t make for the relaxed after school time that might have been.

T, in contrast, is having an easier ride at school now, we seem to have turned a corner.


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