Reasons and Enhancements – Fri 1st Jan 2016

By | January 1, 2016

2016! Olympics year and it really doesn’t seem like nearly four years since London 2012.

I would normally do a reflective post at the end of the year but we had so much fun at the pantomime yesterday, that I wanted to focus on that.

I don’t tend to do resolutions, there doesn’t seem any point for me, if I decide to do something I do it, without waiting for a 1st January trigger.  

It’s also pointless for me to do a sweeping “I’m never, ever eating chocolate again” (ha! very unlikely) when we still have Guylian seashell chocolates in the house – they are my absolute favourites but they’ve stayed untouched and unopened over Christmas firstly because I didn’t feel I needed one (strangely) and also I know that they wouldn’t be left for long if opened (if that makes sense).

So, instead of restricting myself in 2016, in going to attempt to enhance instead.  2015 turned into a bit of a re-invention year for me and I want to build on that, as opposed to set myself unachievable targets, which I won’t reach, which I’ll feel bad about and not feel happy with myself.  Sound familiar?

So, in no particular order, here’s what I’d like to achieve some of in 2016, but no pressure:


1. Keep on believing in myself

I had zero confidence at the start of 2015 and masses at the end of it! Not an overpowering amount, just a realisation that I’m okay, I’m worthy, I’m valued.   I want that to continue.  When you have SN children, it’s very easy to feel ground down, have the feeling that your children are treated not as individuals but budget figures.  I would always speak up for them in meetings but feel “ooh, I’ve made myself look daft”, now I don’t.  I’m entitled to an opinion as much as everyone else. 

So, first up, is carrying on, carrying on but with renewed vigour.

2.  Keep the past where it belongs … in the past.

It’s been and gone.  Move on.  Again something I found hard to do at the beginning of 2015.  

3.  Sing!

D used to have a t-shirt saying “music makes my life complete”, it does for me.  I love to sing along to music or just immerse myself in a bass line.

I was very late in listening to the “Shake It Off” song and, bearing in mind my 1st and 2nd points, it’s kind of become my mantra.  So imagine my surprise when I did a Facebook test on which song describes my life and this was the result:

Spooky eh? I guess it might be based on song plays or something but, if that’s the case, I would have expected either “Everything Counts” (my favourite walk through the woods to D’s school song) or “Rise”.

I was having a little sing along last week and T looked at me, firstly gave me a glare and told me I was weird and then told me I should be on X-Factor – which is a backhanded compliment if ever there was one!

I’d like to join a Rock Choir this year, or at least have a taster session so… watch this space.  Again, something I would never have contemplated before.

4.  Love the ones you’re with

I do.  I need to tell them more. 

5.  From little projects…

I’ve joined in with the Sky Blanket this year, today’s knitted square was very pale with a hint of sequins in the wool to indicate this morning’s frost.  This is something that is very do-able, 365 squares over a year.  I’d like to learn to crochet this year too, beyond wriggly worms.

Something else that is do-able is my voluntary work.  From today, I have a new enhanced role, it’s going to be busy at times but very worthwhile.  I’m looking forward to the new challenges, new contacts I’ll make and getting things done.

6.  Scheduling 

I need to schedule blog posts more, to write things in advance, schedule and then move on to the next task.  I do like to “tick” things off of lists and this will really help as this year will be busy.

So, there you go.  No over-stretched resolutions, just hopefully achievable (for me) enhancements that will keep me smiling.  Because I love to smile.

The highlight for me this Christmas has been absolutely crying with laughter at the Fungus the Bogeyman adaptation.  It was brilliant.  We tend to watch programmes accompanied by subtitles as background noise can get a bit loud and it’s kinder for T and D than cranking up the volume and the subtitles on Fungus were hilarious with “squelchy f*rts” etc.
Something else that’s made me smile was our customary “best, worst and funniest bits of the week” as it’s Friday.  No “worst” bits from any of us, just a happy feeling that we’re okay, we’ve had a good Christmas (autism moments aside) and we’re grateful for that.

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