Rain stopped play – Sat 9th Jan 2016

By | January 9, 2016

…and it did.  No game for T to play in, no football game for Hubbie to go and watch this afternoon as he came up against “water-logged pitch” with every potential search.

I can’t grumble (I won’t), we’re lucky that we’re not close enough to water (apart from a man-made lake 2 minutes walk away) that we’d have to be fearful of a flood situation, we’re very lucky.

So, our day didn’t pan out as it could have done.  D and I didn’t get our girlie time, but that’s okay, we will sometime. She wasn’t terribly impressed or sociable today though, our girl.  I don’t think she immediately associates heavy rain and a mud-fest for a garden with the possibility that it would affect games, she wouldn’t need to, as she said to me before “I DON’T like football!”

Tomorrow could be emotional, one of our two remaining (guinea) piggies would seem to be on his way out.  He’s a veteran piggie  and a tad grumpy so it wouldn’t be a surprise, but still sad for our family.  

Bearing in mind how sad D felt about an ice-entombed worm yesterday, she will be upset.  

One thing I’ve learnt is not to use ambiguous terms when it comes to telling T and D of death, statements like they’ve “gone to sleep” aren’t specific enough and they seem to find it more beneficial when the life cycle of an animal or human is set out very plainly.  

We’ve cultivated butterflies before (that was lovely) and ladybirds (not so nice, they ended up eating each other!) so they are aware of their life cycles.  Which makes me think I might get another butterfly kit when Spring arrives, it was fascinating to see them develop from caterpillars, very quickly too.
This end picture was one of them, they were unbelievably tame for a while after being released, almost as if they were saying “thank you and goodbye”:


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