One Worst Bit – Fri 8th Jan 2016

By | January 8, 2016

As is customary on a Friday in the Bluecrisps household, we have a round-robin at the dinner table and talk (or try to) about our “best, worst and funniest bits of the week”.

Both T and D usually reply very much in the present, with “best bits” being at that current moment, “funniest bits” also involve our very daft cats and generally no “worst bits”

Apart from D tonight.  For her, it was her injection.  Usually it’s long-forgotten, well….until I let her know she has one for the following day and then the anxieties start, but two days on, her injection is still very much on her mind.  Poor D.  Only a few more to go (maximum of 5 I imagine) and then, bar any inoculations/tetanus/etc that should be it for a while.

Something else caused her a bit of anxiety this morning.  It might seem small (it was) but D was quite effected by it. We were admiring the frosty puddles on the way to school when we saw a worm entombed in the ice.  She got quite worried and sad about it.

She absolutely loves the Ice Age films (image of Scrat above) and so we talked a bit about how various characters would get extremely cold, warm up and thaw out.   It might happen with the worm, realistically it probably won’t, but that little bit of focus and chat about the films helped take her focus away from the frozen puddle and its occupant.

T hopefully has a football game tomorrow (pitch permitting) so a chance to get back into usual weekend routines.  Would be nice.

Have a good one Jx 

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Ciara MacGrath on 8th January 2016 at 11:56 pm.

I sometimes get frustrated with my son when he gets fixated with something that I think is trivial like a frozen worm. I have been fixated for the last 24 hours about “Making a Murderer” because I can see my son acting in exactly the same way as Brendan Dassy. I have been sick to the pit of my stomach thinking about it. I keep having to go to my son and give him a hug. Bless him. I’ve explained why I’m upset and he has told me I just need to get over it. But I think I have a little more insight into why seemingly trivial things can cause him to be so upset.

If you aren’t watching it on Netflix. DON’T. It’s way too upsetting for us in the Special Needs community.


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