Normality – Sat 2nd Jan 2016

By | January 2, 2016

“It all looks normal again now”, that’s what T said after the Christmas tree and accompanying bits had been put away, ready to reappear again next December.

I must admit, I had noticed that his rocking whilst he concentrated on something had increased but had put it down to maybe being off from school (and therefore changes to routine). Bearing in mind his treating of Christmas as just one day (forget all the build up for him), I’m thinking that he just didn’t like all the accompanying “clutter”.  

In an ideal world for T, I guess the tree would appear overnight on Christmas Eve and then be gone for Boxing Day, that is in contrast to D who embraces the excitement and the counting down. Maybe a compromise is having the tree in a corner and restrict anything else decoration-wise. That would compact it for him and we’d still have the sparky shiny bits for D.

It’s a shame I hadn’t realised this earlier as T did seem more relaxed this afternoon and even had a soft ball kickabout with me in the hall, as it’s rained all day. Shame really, because he’s back to school on Monday, but he needs the routine of it all – even if he definitely won’t be thinking that on Monday morning! 

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