Moments – Sun 11th Jan 2016

By | January 10, 2016

Moments make up our days, don’t they?  Some we’d like to remember, some we’d rather forget.  Today has been full of both.

Moments of sadness as yes, we said goodbye to a family pet.  Realisation that Hubbie and I would need to get everything in the area cleared before the children could see, a hole dug in a sunny spot in the garden and then covered over, before we then told T and D.

Moments of relief as they both understood what had happened and then sad ones again as T was quite sad but D seemed to brush over it and instantly started talking about the type of pet she’d like next.

Moments of wondering how she’d be if either Hubbie or I died.  Oh yes, my train of thought speeds away sometimes.  Which then led to moments of intense fear as to what would happen if we both went at the same time and her future. 

But it’s not all been gloom and doom (phew!) with:

Moments of pride as she practised on her flute, both reading the musical notes and finding them on the flute without looking.  She plays a soft but definite little tune.  Lovely.
Moments then of dedication  as she tried to teach me to play a flute, pointing out the “happy” and “sad” notes (where you should and shouldn’t place fingers.  Which then to moments of laugher when she decided that she’d “been just like a teacher”.

And finally, moments of sheer mischief as she had a hair wash.  She might be 11.5 years old but she will splash around like a pre-schooler given half the chance…which led to moments of feeling like I’d been caught in a storm for me!

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