Let It Snow – Sun 17th Jan 2016

By | January 17, 2016

The title suggests we woke up to snow.  We didn’t really.  There was a teeny tiny dusting on the climbing frame which melted before the children could see it.  Which was okay, if they had seen it, there would have been an anticipation that there may be more snow on the way and then disappointment when it inevitably thawed.

Our cat (who has aspirations to be a guard dog) had other ideas.  We might not have had snow outside but she provided some (ish) inside:

One of her nicknames is “The Shredder”, it’s something she does very well!

There has been upset from D today as we looked out her library books to take back. She firstly got extremely angry and concerned that she couldn’t find one (we eventually did) and then sadness and disappointment that it was being returned.  I’m renewed them three times because she does get upset at their return.

She’s never without a book, which is fantastic.  Sometimes reading one alongside me as we walk to/from school.  Her bag, if we have a trip to town/doctors/etc, always has at least five books in and then we have the complication that she’ll find the bag too heavy.  There’s never any doubt in her mind that she doesn’t need any one of them – and Bunny and her iPad – I guess they’re security items for her now that she now longer uses a buggy.

A slight (well, it may manifest overnight) concern for D about school tomorrow, in that the lucky D has the choice of two lunchtime clubs tomorrow, both of which she enjoys (Beauty Club or Science). 

I’ve asked her which one she’d prefer and the answer (or not) caused her a lot of distress.  I’ve suggested choosing for her and that wasn’t met well either.  It’s a sure-fire bet that if she changed her mind at school in the morning, she wouldn’t have the confidence to say, so any disappointment at being “forced” to attend would be built up until she saw me.

A “to be continued”, hopefully the choice will be a clearer one for her in the morning.  Fingers crossed.

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