In Two Minds – Sun 3rd Jan 2016

By | January 3, 2016

Apologies in advance, I upgraded my phone’s settings yesterday and haven’t been able to upload pictures since then.  Am I regretting I updated? Yep.

Anyway… the start of the Spring term for T tomorrow and it’s very much a state of dual emotions here.

On the one hand, the back-to-school and the routine does benefit him.  He not only needs routine, but craves it – as does D.  

He has a desire to know where, when and how and a regimented timetable is ideal, especially with the precise timings of the lessons and the knowledge that his coach will take 25 minutes or so.  His massive gripe with getting the coach is that it’s meant to be at his stop at 8.08am and invariably isn’t, for T that isn’t good enough.  
I’ve neglected to mention to him so far that I was a commuter to Central London for two different companies in my pre-SAHM times, you got used to the delays and it was always a case of an internal “yay” if the journey was on time!

Something which may be a bit of a battle tomorrow is a new part of uniform.  There have already been mumblings and grumblings today over the fact that he’ll be wearing those new trousers he’s resisted for a while.  His old ones are waaaaay too short and were the source of friction prior to the end of term because he’d refuse the new ones and resurrect his old ones.  

No amount of reasoning on T’s part can change the fact he’s a rapidly growing young adult and we don’t want to give anyone any reason to make a comment which T may or may not take kindly too.  He’s extremely good at masking emotion during the school day, but if provoked, it can unleash and that wouldn’t be ideal.

Hopefully I’ll be scheduling tomorrow’s blog (maybe with pictures if I get time to investigate the uploading problem) with a positive post.  Mind you, D then returns to school on Tuesday so there may be anxieties afoot.

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