Happy – Sun 31st Jan 2016

By | January 31, 2016

Our girl was happy today, you can tell from that cheeky face can’t you?   I don’t normally post a full length photo of D these days but I thought she was absolutely rocking the onesie and wellies look, the eagle-eyed may notice that her onesie has bunnies on it too.

Yep, she’s had a good day.  She woke up cheerfully squeaking and it’s carried on in much the same vein.

A bounce on the trampoline, supervised by No 1 cat, No 2 cat opted to snooze inside and miss all the fun:


And then some drawing, D absolutely loves to draw, it’s always a pleasure to see her pictures:

This is Bungle, our last surviving Guinea pig:


And this is our house, in reality we’re in a semi and our walls aren’t red, nor is our roof purple, but it’s lovely.  I hope we start to see more of that circular yellow thing in the sky too:

A nice way to finish off our weekend, onwards to hopefully a good week too.

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